Ampersand Marquee Light

Introduction: Ampersand Marquee Light

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I love fairy globe lights! I think they look awesome, as a graphic designer I also love type and my favorite part of any font is the & sign. They are always so unique and it is a symbol of joining things together. I say a few people make these marquee letters before and it didnt seem all that hard so I decided to give it a try. I was sort of wrong and I ended up having a bit of trouble since I chose a complicated shape.

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Step 1: Tools & Materials


Jig Saw


Small drill bit

1" Screws


Aluminum Sheathing




Step 2: Cutting Out the Shape

I printed out a template that was around 2' by 2' and taped all the pieces together. I then took the jig saw and carefully cut the shape out. To get the inside shapes I drilled a hole for the blade to go through.

Step 3: Drilling Holes & Finish

Once I had the shape cut out I sanded everything to 120 grit and used a dremel with a sanding attachment to get the inside corners. I wanted this to be dark since the lights were gonna shine on top of it so I used some dark walnut stain.

Step 4: Adding Aluminum...........>:(

This part took forever and was very frustrating. It might go easier if you try it but I think the & shape is what made this project hard. I cut the sheathing to a rough length and then started to press it up against the letter so I would know where to fold it. I used my hands and a hammer to get the folds right and for the most part they worked. Originally I wanted to use nails to hold it together but they went straight through the aluminum. So i used screws and they worked out great. I predrilled each hole and used a awl to make the process easier.

Be careful this stuff is sharp.

Step 5: Adding the Lights

Once the sheathing was attached I was able to attach the string of lights. I hot glued the sockets into the holes and then twisted in the lightbulbs. This was the easiest part of the project.

Step 6: Enjoy Your New Marquee Light!

I loved how this turned out and so did my intern Elsa (cat). She tried to help me through out the project. This project was pretty cheap to make and overall was fun. I currently have it set up in my bedroom. Let me know in the comments if you make one or have any questions.

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and if you want to see what I'm working on next check out my instagram

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    3 years ago

    As a commercial sign manufacturer, I'm just going to say that the ampersand is literally the worst letter to build followed by cursive Q among others. If you invert your letter on blocks, you can use clamps get your return pressed tightly along the edge of the letter. This Ampersand is about 19" tall.


    Reply 3 years ago

    It was so hard! I wont be doing it again anytime soon.