Introduction: An Acrylic Painting

We are going to learn the basic steps to paint a picture. Don't forget that it takes practice and maybe you won't be perfect the first time, but nothing happens, learning to paint is fun!



Acrylic painting

Glass for water


A rag



Canvas or paper for acrylic

Step 1: Sketch

First, you have to draw the sketch on the canvas or on the paper to check that all our drawing fits properly and the proportions are correct. Draw it with the pencil, don't press too hard. If you make a mistake, nothing happens, you can erase it with the eraser, although if you are doing it on a canvas I recommend that you do not erase it, the canvas can be damaged when trying to erase it and the paint will be covered in pencil, just be careful to know which lines are correct.

When you have everything drawn it is time to start painting.

Step 2: Early Colours

First you must paint "base colors", that is, the most basic colors of each part of the drawing. These must be very watery, for it mixes a little paint with water, we just want to go giving color to visualize how it looks. Always start with what is behind in the drawing, so as not to lose the depth.

Step 3: We Continue

When everything has color is time to start seeing the shadows and lights, you can use other colors to give the shadows apart from black, in fact is the most recommended. Normally the colors of things have gradients, lights and shadows, be careful. For the lights the same, if you mix the colors with white they will lose intensity. Use your imagination. You can also try on a separate sheet.

Step 4: Details

Start doing the details, I always know what's deepest to what's closest to the viewer. This step will take time, it is normal that when you paint something you realize how it would be better and you want to change it, for that you must wait until the paint dries and you can paint over it. Beware of too many coats, you will notice the thickness of the paint.

Step 5: We Are Almost There.

To finish review all the details, look at it in front of a mirror to see that everything fits and sign! you already have your painting. If you don't like the result at all be patient, painting needs practice as well as many crafts. You can do it!

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