Introduction: An Awesome Teddy Bear Mech

A cool mech I made with a few extra pieces.

I am sorry that I don't know what the pieces are called so you will

have to see them. Hope it isn't too complicated.

Step 1: Pieces 1: General Idea

Though when making the actual mech the most useful pieces tend to be droid arms, claws, legs, heads,bodies, anything you can get a hold of. Smaller detail pieces can also be used to make the model look nice. Even minifigure hands and legs work well as I used in the arms. I divided the robot into three sections, and those into two smaller sections. The top side consists of the arms, the bottom of the legs and center that holds the rider. In my opinion though, the hardest part would be attaching the limbs to the robot, and I am sorry if that was confusing.

Step 2: Pieces 2: Body/Rider

Although I used a gray, black, and tan color scheme you may color the robot the way you choose, depending on your pieces. You don't have to use the teddy bear either, you can use a 1 x 1 cylinder, a microfigure, or even an improvised full-sized minifigure. I found my battle-scarred teddy bear in one of the lego Simpsons sets with Suzie.

There I have a picture of a microfigure from a lego set I found off the internet, the picture is not mine, but the rest are.

Step 3: Pieces 3: Arms

You can put anything you want on the arms, guns, or even hands if it were more peaceful. I used a simple design made of minifigure parts with two chainsaw blades at the end.

Step 4: Pieces 4: Legs

I kind of ran out of pieces for the end so I chose to make two legs that ended in flat pieces and balanced.

This means that if I were to put it on one leg, it would fall, If you want you can change that.

Step 5: Extras

If you want you can other things, like an extra arm, jetpack, or a even attach it to a plane.

Thanks and have fun.

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