An Easy-to-do Secret Compartment to Hide Your Money

Introduction: An Easy-to-do Secret Compartment to Hide Your Money

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We are all fascinated with secret doors and compartments. A possible reason is to prevent other people from touching your things, or the paranoia of burglars getting your money. In spite of that, we have to take note that some secret compartment projects cost even more than the money you are going to hide! So today I came up with a cheap and easy secret compartment project for those of you who don't have the stuff like 3d printers, or if you are just a kid, and you just want to hide money for fun.


Here are the supplies you need:

-A DVD Case

-An envelope

-Some money

Step 1: Put the Money Inside the Envelope.

Any types of envelopes would do. Such as Square Flaps, Contour Flaps, regular envelopes, or any other envelope you can think of as long as it fits the DVD casing you prepared.

Step 2: Insert the Envelope Between the Paper and the Casing Itself.

Insert the envelope somewhere it can't be seen from the outside.

Step 3: Tape Both Sides of the Plastic Cover

We want to do this step so that the envelope would not slip out of the DVD case.

Step 4: Put It in Your DVD Collection

When it is put with the other DVD's in your collection, not one would suspect any signs of money. I hoped you liked the project!

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    2 years ago

    I did this to hide money while I was in an abusive relationship 20 years ago. Best DVD choices are movies/info discs that a thief would NOT want, and what thief wants a religious disc? I had a disc with case for preparation of baptizing my child and my abuser never touched that case! Just something to think about...


    2 years ago

    Super simple! I'm wondering what DVD I would purchase to be the Secret Compartment. Maybe The Money Pit, or Heist. Thanks for sharing!


    Reply 2 years ago

    Glad you liked it!