Introduction: Analog Interface (Linkit ONE)

Linkit ONE

Step 1: Supplies




led of any color

linkit one


Step 2: Connections

Follow the picture to connect the board. If you have questions about any connections leave a comment

Step 3: Code

This code needs to be run through the arduino program software.

This is the program

const int led = 3;
const int pot = A0; void setup() { // nothing to initialize } void loop() { int val = analogRead(pot); // get value from potentiometer val = map(val, 0, 1023, 0, 255); // make the value to 0~255 analogWrite(led, val); // set the pwm of led delay(10); }

Here is a link to download the software Link

plug in the linkit one and upload the code. After that you are finished. Congratulations