Introduction: Android/Arduino Tv Remote

Step 1: Part List

- Arduino

- Bluetooth modul (HC-05/06)

- IR recever (38kHz)

- IR led (Can use from an old remote control)

- Resistor

- Android phone

Step 2: The Android App

In the app invetor 2 create your remote app, make many buttons as you need to control.

(channels, volume, menu, on/off etc...)

Every button send a word to the arduino.

The app automatically connect to the arduino when started.

Tutorial video on the first page.

Do not forget pair your bluetooth module and phone!

Step 3: The Arduino

- Download and install the IRremote library (link in the youtube description).

- From the examples, open the IRrecvDump.

This code show, what code send your remote control when push a button.

- Open my arduino code too, place both on screen.

- Connect the IR receiver to the arduino D11

- Upload the IRrecvDump.

- Open this app Serial monitor.

- Push every button on the tv remote control, and copythe resulting codes to the my code in the right place.

If you get "unknown encoding" error, ignore it, push the button again.

- When you push the button, and get different from the "Decoded NEC" line, change in my code every NEC to the received type.

- After done with buttons, upload my code to the arduino, connect the IR led to the D3 pwm pin, connect the bluetooth module.

- Place the IR led very close to the Tv receiver.


Detailed tutorial video on the first page.

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