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Introduction: Angel Blade DIY | Supernatural

Whenever I search DIY Angel Blade I find tutorials that are using real metal or polymer clay, and I didn't want to use either of those things so I came up with my own way!

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Step 1: The Handle

I started this project off with a long wrapping paper tube and used THIS template to measure out the handle.

I used centimeters and made a dash at 3 cm, then from that 3 measured to 23 cm, and then from there 2 cm.

Not completely accurate, but whose going to notice!

Once you've measured it out cut straight across and save the excess for the blade!

Next, start at the bottom where you marked your 3 cm and then hot glue the hole closed. After, cut diagonal pieces from either sides.

On the end with the 2 cm do NOT hot glue closed, but DO cut diagonals and trim the sides.

Once cut, stuff with newspaper to make the handle stiffer!

Now set it aside to work on the blade!

Step 2: The Blade

Again referencing your template mark the measurement for the blade. The template says 32 cm, so I had to mark 30 and then 2 to get an accurate measurement.

Cut straight across and then trim both sides, and keep the excess!

Once you have 2 pieces, flip them and hot glue along the center to hold them together. Then using this sketch out the blade shape and cut it out!

Now grab your handle and place the blade inside and hot glue to hold it in place!

Taking your excess pieces, trim and shape them to mimic the blades details and then hot glue along both sides.

Step 3: Details

To make the blade more stiff, paper mâché it with 1/2 flour and 3/4 cup water along with 1 inch strips of newspaper.

Let dry over night and then you can begin spray painting or painting with a silver colour.

Once its dry you're finished!

This blade is easy to make, affordable and will go with any angel cosplay, especially a Castiel cosplay!

You can check out my YouTube tutorial HERE or even check out my Castiel cosplay HERE

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I'm gonna be Cas for Halloween and this is such an amazing way to do the blade


7 years ago

I have no artistic ability but this was super easy! Thanks so much!!!!


7 years ago

AHHH SUPERNATURAL. You have me geeking out. I love it. Thanks for sharing. Keep up the good work.


7 years ago

sweet, nice and simple