Introduction: Angel of Death

All Hallos eve, the best time of the year next to xmas!

I find buying costumes can be a big hassle so I do like my mom taught me and us clothes and accessories that I have along with a little bit of sewing, some gluing and a few inexpensive things from halloween, party stores or craft stores.

Every costume I have made is pared with my own clothes. This is one of the few outfits I went out and bought material for and a few other items from dollar store and halloween store.


Pattern for either nightgown or shirt that can be made longer. I used simplicity (2777)

White sheer material about 4 yards depending on your size.

netting for collar that I chose to put on, a design change.

My own floor length white sun dress.

White bald cap from halloween store or on line

spirit gum

White grease makeup

dark gray or coal gray eyeshadow that I had or what ever color you choose and medium makeup brush

flip flops from dollar store. Had to paint yellow ones white, use spray paint it will be better!

White socks.

optional: the white cane, hand held spooky sound affects (I kept in my dress pocket)!

Step 1: Making Dress

Cut fabric to your size. Follow instructions of pattern. Don't finish hems it will begin to fray and that will make it more scary. For collar I folded 3 yards of netting till it just touch above my ears. Sewed all layers together with large stitch and then gathered together to fit to collar. Sewed dress and collar together, on outside of dress sewed white ribbon to collar and left extra at ends to use as tie. Leave and opening in front of dress to put your head through.

Step 2: Make Slippers That You Wear Outside and In

Take straps off of flip flops. Spray paint them white if you couldn't find white ones, let dry.

Put straps between toes and slip on socks. Mark were to cut holes to push strap back into, now cut small slit and push strap through it and re-attach strap to soul.

Step 3: Bald Head

Follow directions in package. Use spirit gum to stick to skin. Let dry and then put on white make up on face. Cover whole face, neck and ears.

Once this is all done you can put on powder shadow around eyes with medium size brush. Or however you want to do your make up.

Put sounds in pocket and Go scare the wits out of someone!

Happy Halloweeeeen, Booooooo!

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