Introduction: Animated Doom Picture Frame

After a friend of mine has seen my last picture frame project, he asked me to make a Doom themed one. So I mixed two of my last projects.... this is how I did it.

  • IKEA picture frame
  • digital photo display
  • model kit railway ballast
  • glue
  • hotglue
  • a printer
  • more glue for the print
  • yellow spray paint
  • red Plasti-Dip


Step 1: Texturing the Frame

After unboxing the frame I decided to try something different than just spray painting it as in my other projects. I covered the whole thing in glue and added model railway ballast to the complete frame. To make the ballast stick really nice to the frame I thinned some of the glue with water and applied this to the whole surface. I gets really soaked in and after drying, the new surface of the frame was rock-solid. As in my last Doom frame I went for the yellow and red color scheme. This time I applied a little bit more red Plasti-Dip on several spots, so this side of the frame looks quite gory.

Step 2: Electronic Guts

For the display I used a digital photo display that I got from eBay. I unscrewed the plastic housing and glued the PCB with a bit of hot-glue and sponge rubber directly to the back of the screen. With the plastic cover and backing removed the device is thin enough to fit into the frame.

For the passepartout I printed the map of Doom 1 and glued it to the white surface, cut out the middle section and made a small hole for the IR receiver.

Step 3: Putting It All Together

When everything is dry, it is time to feed the screen with 4 images of doomguy - looking left, forward, right and forward again. That done, I reassembled the frame and hung it on the wall.

Thank you very much for reading!