Introduction: Another Industrial Pipe Bookshelf

Just moved to my new apartment I had hard struggle to find place for my books; so I started looking for a bookshelf that fits to my tastes and my pockets.

Something by Ikea wasn't good to place in that kind of apartment so I decided to make something by my own.

I wanted something modular and simple and cheap. I had some idraulic iron pipes at home so it was natural to think to pipe shelves.

Step 1: Collect the Necessary

that's what I used for this basic project:

- n° 4 1/2"x200mm Iron pipes

- n° 4 1/2"x100mm Iron pipes

You can use just 4 pipes (1/2"x300mm) but I had to recycle so...

- n° 12 1/2" - 1/2" coupling

- n° 12 1/2" male - 3/8" female bushing

- n° 6 3/8" nipples

- n° 3 wooden boards (I used fir) 250mm x 1200 mmx 18 mm


I used 4 rubber feet

Step 2: Pierce the Wood

Depending on what kind of nipples you find you will have to drill a a different diameter; for me it was 18mm.

Step 3: Assemble

starting from the bottom assemble everything.


finish the project using water-based impregnating agent. I used a walnut color.

Step 5: Fill It With Your Books and Photos!

enjoy your new, cheap bookshelf!

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