Introduction: Another Wreath on a Budget

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Another Christmas on a budget project

Step 1: Did I Mention I Love Great Stuff Foam?

Yes this is another great stuff foam craft. The cheapest I have seen it is at Walmart. It costs $2.70, the ornaments are still part of the package I got for a$1.50 at the dollar store. The green paint is leftover from the Nutcracker on a budget and the metallic green is also leftover of another project. This wreath project if done from scratch would cost about $7 or so.

Step 2: Setting

This one I made it just by pulse. I did not draw nor measured. Just sprayed the foam in a circle and go over it several times. When I finish I added the ornaments.

Step 3: Green It

I became lazy and just sprayed it with the green paint. I did not cover the ornaments because I have experience with spray cans but you can cover as you spray with cups.

Step 4: Let It Dry and Detail

With the spray it may take a couple of passes to cover it all because the foam absorbs the paint. You can prevent this by coating it with glue and water first. But I did not do that.

Step 5: Finish

After the paint dried, I noticed it dulled out so I use an acrylic forest green and gave some dry brushes to mimic the foliage a bit more. Then brushed with the metallic green acrylic. And that it is.
Foam $2.75, $1:5 ornaments, $1.50 spray can and $1.00 metallic acrylic.
Les than $7

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