Introduction: Another Super Simple Weapon by Me.

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This is probobally the simplest weapon on instructables. It is so easy and very powerful. It has a range of 40-50 feet.

Step 1: Parts List


Parts list.

3 inch connector from the big air ball tower set (the one that connects the tubes of the air lift.

1 Rubberband

4 white rods
4 black or green tiny rods (the ones you connect connecters with).

5 snowflakes
4 red right angle

Step 2: Build the Parts

Pic 1: Build four of these.

Pic 2: Build one of this

Step 3: Put the Rubberband On

Okay, pic 1 shows how to basically put it on. Pic 2 is a close up of the confusing part (when you look at the pic you will know what im talking about.

Put the rubber band over one end of the tube, then bring it down the sides through the orange things sticking out, as shown in pic, the bring it sideways to the front, and twist it around that third thing sticking out. If you cant twist it right, check the close up pic. Please comment on this pic.

Step 4: Build It!

Very, very simple.

Pic 1: Attach the snowflakes as shown.

Pic 2: Attach the right angle connectors to the white rods as shown

Pic 3: Top view.

Step 5: Loading and Firing

Okay, now, when you load and fire, i want you to ask yourself, was it worth the couple of minutes building this? Was it simpler than other guns? Please comment.

To load this, simply stick one end ot the ammo through the snowflake and down into the rubberband, then grab the rubberband and the end of the rod and pull back until the grey rod is almost out of the aimer snoflake. Then, let go and watch it fly. The pic below is the loaded weapon.