Introduction: Anthropomorphized Electric Eraser Made From Repurposed Parts

To repurpose is to erase

an object’s original intention,

giving it a new use and

a new life.

Supplies / Finite Materials Needed

-critical thinking

-multi-tip screw driver

-masking tape




-wire snips



-open heart



-battery clip


-soldering iron

-spdt 3 pin switch



-mini hack saw

Step 1: Sourcing (where Do Things Come From?)

Find an object with a small working DC motor.

Consider what you already have, if not, go to your local thrift store. Look at ALL the used stuff, if no one buys it does it still have value? Recall their histories, listen to their needs, as them, “who would like to be an eraser?”

Step 2: Analysis & Disassembly

Sit with the object, hold it in your hands. Understand how it works (or doesn’t work) in this state. Depending on how it is assembled (who assembled this?) take it apart with the appropriate tools.

Inspect the motor and test to see if it works by attaching it to a battery (try 3V, 2 x AA batteries).

Step 3: Reassembly

Lay out all parts so that you can see them. Ask yourself: How many parts? What material? Toxic? Where are the parts manufactured? Recycled? What forms remind me of body parts? What bodies have come in contact with this object before me?

Use the masking tape, epoxy or wire to re-assembly the object however you like. Attach the eraser securely to a downward facing moving part, by anchoring the wire with epoxy and then wrapping the wire around the eraser.

Step 4: Energy Source

Solder the ground from the battery clip to the motor. Solder the hot wire to the center pin on the spdt switch, then connect the switch to the motor by soldering a wire from one of the outside pins of the switch.

The energy source is connected, it’s heavy so play with the balance of it.

Reinforce connection of parts by sewing fabric supports, bridging the gaps between disparate parts.

Step 5: Test It at Eye Level

Take a piece of paper. Draw a circle with graphite.

Test your eraser by getting down to its’ level. Switch on its' finite energy source. Put it on top of the graphite and see if it erases it. What is it trying to tell you?

Watch the video