Introduction: Anti Mugging T-shirt.

This is my entry into the T-shirt hack contest.

This T-shirt will give the impression that you are carrying a powerful handgun and protect you from all but the most determined mugger.*

This is a overly optimistic view; Using this while being mugged is likely to increase your chances of being fatally wounded quite dramatically.

Step 1: Find an Image.

This a very simple process and idea and makes quite a cool looking T-shirt,( if you're a single man with a gun fixation).

First find an image you are happy with.
I used google image search.

Step 2: Print Image.

Print the image onto Transfer-paper,(This is sold in places like P.C. world and is made especially for this purpose.)

I tinkered about with the image on Photoshop first to get the lighting and size to my liking.

I printed two on one sheet so that I could choose the best result.

Step 3: Iron on Image.

Cut around the image with a scalpel and iron onto the T-shirt.

Remove the paper backing.

Step 4: Add Straps.

Either iron on some straps or sew or add tape.

I chose tape for speed.

Step 5: Put on Your Coat.

Put on your coat and stand in front of the mirror repeating,

"Are you talking to me?"

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