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Introduction: Anti Warp Watercolour Painting Frame

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A helpful tool to keep your watercolour painting from overly warping too much or eliminating the warping all together.  Great for wet on wet style painting.

Things you need;

A picture frame any size but preferably larger then 8.5x11
Two plastic “for sale” signs or similar or acrylic sheeting if you have it available and or if you can get it.
Some large clips. Try to get the largest available if you can. Such as Bull Dog clips.
An Exacto knife with a fresh blade
A cutting pad
Something to mark things with, like a pencil.

Warning: If your little artist would like one, make it for him or her. It gets a bit dicey with knives after all.

Step 1: Disassemble Stuff

Take apart the picture frame and carefully remove the glass. You can use this for something else.  Leave the backing if necessary depending on the thickness of your plastic frame or watercolour paper. Remove those little tabs for holding down the picture frame glass if you can. If not just leave them pointing up straight.

Step 2: Cut and Measure.

Take one of your plastic signs or sheet of acrylic and measure out a 2inch frame and cut the middle out of it.  What side you use doesn’t matter but I prefer not looking at the For Sale print.

Measurement depends on the size of the frame.

Step 3: More Cutting and Measuring.

Measure out and cut a square or rectangle sheet for the backing where the painting can be placed on.  Measurements depend on the size of your frame and original cardboard frame backing that came with the frame.

Step 4: Assemble It Together.

Assemble your future watercolour painting between the backing and the plastic frame you cut out, place it in to the original picture frame and secure it with clips.

Your painting is now ready to be painted with out much concern.

Please note for some people, it will take some getting use to since now you have this frame thing in the way. But it’s way better then the paper getting all warped and driving you crazy. 

I hope you find this useful as I have.

Good luck and enjoy.  :D

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    5 years ago

    Awesome solution! And a really nice drawing! Do you have a finished painting?

    Treasure Tabby

    Cool. Thanks for the complement.
    Glad you like it. I hope you find it useful. :)


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Great idea! I always took warped paper as a granted. This is a really useful invention!