Introduction: ApocZ Survival Guide

ApocZ is an open-world zombie apocalypse survival game on Xbox Live Marketplace for one dollar. The goal is to survive the apocalypse for as long as possible. This guide will help you survive and thrive in ApocZ.

Step 1: Number One: Food, Water, and Blood

Food and water are the backbone of survival, as well as your blood level. Blood is lost when you take damage. Canned food and water can be found near sheds, houses, military bases, and other buildings. There are two types of food: Mushroom Soup, and Baked Beans. Both cans will completely replenish your FOOD stat, and replenish 10 BLOOD. Water comes in two forms: Bottled water, and canteens. Both types will completely replenish the WATER stat. Blood will not be regenerated unless you eat food. Taking a high amount of damage will cause you to bleed, which can be stopped by using bandages. Zombies have a chance of making you bleed, but getting shot will always make you bleed.

Step 2: Number Two: Weapons

Weapons are not necessary, but are VERY helpful if you encounter Zombies or other Players, who may be hostile. Every time you spawn, you will be equipped with an axe, although you can use your fists to fight. You can find various guns around the map, mainly in military bases, and near warehouses. Each gun uses a specific type of ammunition, which can be found. Without ammo, the gun will not fire. Below is a list of the available weapons you can find.

Axe - Basic starting weapon. Very Common.

Combat Pistol - Uses 9mm, 15 round magazines. Fairly common.

MI Pistol - Uses .50 caliber, 7 round magazines. Uncommon.

Shotgun - Uses 20 gauge, 8 cluster. Fairly common.

MK47 - Uses 7.62 Soviet, 30 round magazines. Uncommon.

Assault Rifle - Uses 7.62 NATO, 30 round magazines. Uncommon.

Battle Rifle - Uses 5.56 NATO, 20 round magazines. Uncommon.

LMG - Uses 5.56 NATO, 100 round belt. Very common.

Sniper Rifle - Uses .308, 20 rounds. Very uncommon.

Step 3: Number Three: Combat

You will likely encounter dangerous players and zombies, meaning combat is a core piece of ApocZ. This is where your weapons will come in handy. You have two options, run away and hide, or fight the opposing player or zombie. Running away will conserve ammo, but you must be near cover, and be quick. Fighting will use ammo, and possibly harm you, but will eliminate the threat, and if you kill a player you can gather his/her dropped supplies. Zombies will always pursue you in a straight line, but players are crafty, and will take cover. Remember to use the surrounding objects to take cover, and use the appropriate weapon. A shotgun won't do at long range.

Step 4: Number Four: Vehicles

Various vehicles can be found around the map, repaired, and driven. A vehicle will need gas from Gas Cans to be able to run. Sometimes, a vehicle will be found without a wheel or two or damaged, in which case you will need a tire to repair it, or a toolbox to fix it. The headlights on a vehicle can be activated by pressing "left" on the D-Pad.

Step 5: Number Five: Non-Essentials

There are a few non-essential items that could be helpful to you, listed below.

Tent - Allows a player to store any item. Will spawn with a player if he/she joins a server. Tents can be looted by other players.

Backpack: Comes in three sizes, small, medium, and large. Varying sizes hold varying amounts of items.

Spare Tire - Used to repair tires on vehicles.

Toolbox - Used to repair vehicles. Jerry Can - Used to refuel vehicles. Cannot be refilled.

Empty Can - An empty can. Useless.

Empty Canteen - An empty canteen. Useless.

Empty Jerry Can - An empty Jerry Can. Useless.