Introduction: Apple Cheddar Pork Meatballs

I love meatballs! Last week I experimented with fall flavored meatballs, and my family loved them. Because they loved them so much, I figured they would be Instructable worthy! ...And hopefully worthy of your vote in the Uppermost Chef Apples Challenge ;)

This recipe makes approximately twenty 1 - 1 1/2 inch meatballs, and will take about 15 minutes for preparation & about 35 minutes cook time.

What you will need:

Ingredients -

One pound of ground pork

2-3 small granny smith apples (or 1-2 large)

1/2 cup of plain bread crumbs

One egg

3/4 cup of extra sharp cheddar cheese

About 2 tablespoons of fresh Thyme

1 shallot

1 clove of garlic

Tablespoon of olive oil

Salt & pepper

You will also need:

A pan for frying

A baking dish for baking the meatballs

Something to grate your apples & garlic

Mixing bowl

Tongs may be helpful, but not necessary

Sharp knife for chopping

Step 1: Gather Your Ingredients & Get Started!

After pre-heating your oven to 350 degrees, the first step is to grab your shallot & garlic.

Chop your shallot into small pieces

Peel & grate your garlic clove

I like to give them a trip to the flying pan before I add them to my meatball mixture. It makes the shallots softer & gives them a sweeter taste.

Add both the garlic and shallot to a heated frying pan coated with a drizzle of olive oil.

Cook over medium - low heat for a few minutes. When shallots start to look softer and caramelize a bit, remove from heat & let cool.

Step 2: Grab Your Mixing Bowl

If you haven't already, peel & grate your apples (you'll need about 1 - 1 1/2 cups), and shred the extra sharp cheddar cheese.

In a large mixing bowl combine -

Ground pork, bread crumbs, egg, shredded apples, cooled shallots & garlic, shredded cheese, thyme, and season with salt and pepper.

Use your clean hands to mix the meatball mixture until it is thoroughly combined.

Step 3: Form, Brown, and Bake Your Meatballs

With your hands, form round balls from the meatball mixture. I made mine about an inch and a half. If you make them smaller or larger, be sure to adjust your cook time.

When you have finished forming all of your meatballs, wash your hands, and warm a frying pan.

We are going to bake them, but I like to brown them before I throw them in the oven.

Add your meatballs to the frying pan, and brown them as evenly as possible on all sides. This takes about 3-5 minutes.

I like to use tongs to turn them. It makes it easier to keep the balls formed, and prevents them from falling apart.

Transfer your browned meatballs to your baking dish (or dishes) :)

Place them in an oven heated to 350 degrees, and bake for 30 minutes.

Step 4: Remove From the Oven & Enjoy!

After 30 minutes has passed, remove from the oven and let cool about 5 minutes before serving.

Your result should be perfectly cooked moist fall meatballs that you, your family, and friends will enjoy!

I like to eat mine with a dollop of salt & peppered greek yogurt and a few apple slices, but I'm sure they would also pair wonderfully with mashed potatoes & gravy, or pasta!

Ooohhhh... or even a yummy meatball sandwich!!!

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