Introduction: Apple Pie French Toast Pancakes

This was an Idea that I had and wanted to try.  I am not good about writing down measurements, etc.  So, I am sharing the idea not the recipe.  It turned out well, but the recipe could be tweaked.  I made both mini pancakes and larger ones to see how it affected the flavor and process.  Mini-pancakes did not fall apart in the French Toast mix and seemed to be more flavorful (Kid approved, at least my kids). I took pictures of the process with one of the larger pancakes.  Sweet taste and you can taste the apple and cinnamon ("apple pie"). 

*Make (boil) an "Apple Pie" mix (I used): apple juice, apple cider, a diced apple, sugar, and brown sugar.
*add in the pancake mix and cook up mini pancakes.
*use the mini pancakes as the "bread" to make french toast (eggs, milk, and cinnamon).
*serve with butter and syrup, if desired.