Apple Snack Sandwich

Introduction: Apple Snack Sandwich

This may not look like much of a snack, but I work in a residential facility for teens. We were experimenting with new snack ideas, and I suggested chocolate, peanut butter and apples. When we assembled the "sandwich" one of the teens told me it looked weird and refused to eat it. After serious cajoling, she agreed to try a bite. After eating three more, I had to cut her off. Quite a success overall.

Step 1: Ingredients and Prep

For the apple "sandwich" we gathered apples, peanut butter, chocolate chips, a knife, and the cap to a vanilla extract bottle (although an apple corer would work better). We thinly sliced the apple crosswise.

Step 2: The Core

As we didn't have an apple corer, we used the cap of a vanilla extract bottle (cleaned well) to punch out the core of each slice. With an apple corer, we would have cored the apple before slicing.

Step 3: The Peanut Butter

Once we had the cored slices, we spread peanut butter on the bottom slice of the "sandwich." Do this slowly as the peanut butter doesn't stick well to the apple slices.

Step 4: Chocolate Chips

We put a ring of chocolate chips on top of the peanut butter and topped the sandwich with another slice of apple, and voila--yummy, pseudo-healthy snack (healthier with all natural peanut butter without any sugar added). Enjoy.

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