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Introduction: Apple Watch Charger Box

Have you ever had that problem in the middle of the night where you don’t know what time it is, and you cant find your phone cause you smacked it off the nightstand in your sleep and you cant find your watch either so you give up? Or have you ever looked at your apple watch charger and realize you don’t like seeing the ugly white chord messing up your decor? Me too. So, I decided to do something about it. I created a simple box that held my watch in place while it charged overnight while just being a pretty sight during the daytime. Personally, I love photography, and I have a lot of animals to photograph, so I decided to decorate the sides of the box with some choice photos I had. One thing I have always struggled with is being creative. Sure I can take photos and put them on birthday cards, but things like mod-podging those photos onto paper or wood isn’t my strong suit. Mod- podging the photos onto the box for decoration was my first idea, but after trying it, it wasn’t working too well. So I decided to stick with good old super gluing the photos onto the wood. However, after some consideration of my creativity skills, I began to cringe at the photos just glued on the wood with no border or cut corners or anything. So, I tried acrylic painting a border around each picture and it actually worked. I'm sure an artist would see my painting flaws, since I am not a painter either.


The main supplies I used to create my apple watch charger box were one piece of balsa wood, gorilla super glue and an exacto knife. The dimensions of the single piece of balsa are 1/8" by 4" by 18". Those are the necessities, but I also used some gray acrylic paint and a paintbrush for the final finishing touches.

Step 1: Cutting and Measuring the Pieces

  • I started by measuring five 3 by 3 inch cubes on the balsa wood.
  • Once you finished cutting them out with your exacto knife, you should have 5 even and symmetrical squares.
  • After I made these, I realized i had to make some sort of slit in the top of the box to get the charger through. So, I made a rectangular hole in the lid and made sure the circular part of the charger fit through it. This is shown in the picture above.
  • Next, I realized I needed the box needed to sit flush on the surface it would be on. That meant cutting a little cube out of the back (or any side you want) for the chord to fit through. This is also shown in the picture above. Thats it!! Thats all you have to do for step 1 measuring and cutting!

Step 2: Photos and Painting

  • For this next step, I chose 5 photos. For the sides of the box I chose one of my mustang (horse that is), one of my other horse, one of my duck, and one of my dog. For the top of the box, I chose a background photo that would be fine to interrupt with the slit for the charger.
  • When you cut out the photos make sure to cut out the places for the slit for the charger like I did. Next, lay the photos on the box sides and top and start gluing. I suggest not just gluing the corners of the pictures, but the whole outline of the picture.
  • Once that dries, which is very quick with the gorilla glue, start painting the color of acrylic paint of your choice. I painted around the borders covering the leftover wood and part of the picture. Make sure to paint the edges of the wood also, so you won't see unpainted wood when it is finished. I made this mistake and had to repaint the edges.

Step 3: Setup and Gluing

  • Next, setup where you want the photos for each side.
  • Then, start gluing! I glued two sides together, then a third, then the fourth and then the top. (Self explanatory.)
  • Last but not least, thread your charger through the slit, set it on your nightstand and start charging!!

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    Penolopy Bulnick
    Penolopy Bulnick

    2 years ago

    I like the way you painted over the edges of the pictures!