Introduction: Aquarium Top Using Foam Sheet

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Aquarium top using foam sheet.
Materials required
Foam sheet
Foam sheet glue or fevwick or any glue which is used for sticking plastic material
Fevicol or paper glue
Tile texture paper sheet any color. I got green color coz there were no other color available in the store
Paper cutter
Jigsaw machine
Wood polish plain to protect top from water. Also you can clean top using wet cloth
Mahogany water based paint or oil paint
Sand paper
Copper color water based paint or apex or royal emulsion copper color

Step 1: Features:

Water proof ( You can wipe out the dust using wet cloths)

Lightweight (kids or women at home or shop can easily carry the top).

Long life.

Ventilation. ( No aerator is required as there are lots of ventilation)*

Light Housing ( I created hole and housing such that you can place tube light or CFL or led lights)

*For small fish ventilation is enough but for large fish, please use aerator or oxygen pump.

Step 2:

Step 3: My Other Works: