Introduction: Arduin-home-automation


In this Instructable I will tell you about an example of home automation controlled by a ZELIO SR3 PLC and Arduino boards used to measure and control light, heat and humidity.

This system is used by my students to learn basics of automation.

Step 1: The System Organization and the Schematic

The ZELIO PLC is the master of this system in which you have to download a program made under ZELIO SOFT 2 software (Free). This PLC is combined with 2 additional cards:

-one to communicate in MODBUS RTU with the HMI

-an other one including analog 0/10V inputs and outputs.

Step 2: The Industrial HMI

I wired a COOLMAY MT6050HA HMI according to the supplied schematic and tutorial. I give you too, the HMI program and the Zelio program.

Step 3: The Arduino Clone Boards

I used 3 Arduino clone boards:

-as a 0/10V to 0/12V DC dimmer for Led lamps

-as a measurement system for °C/%/Lux to three analog 0/10V DC outputs.

-as a 0/10V to 0/230V AC dimmer for the heater.

They are only slave with no other functions programed.

Step 4: An Example of a Project

Just an example sheet files project given to my students.

Step 5: Conclusion

It's a very robust system but If you have got some communication problems with the 0/10V outputs/inputs due to EMC interferences (for long wires), I advise you to use shielded cables.

Thanx to all valuable instructables all over the net.