Introduction: Arduino Finding

This is my Arduino work.

This is a machine that can help me find my things when I wake up. When I press the button, the light will change, and the lights will rotate in a pattern.

Step 1: What Do You Need?

1. 5 LEDs

2. Arduino Leonardo

3. Bread Board

4.A Button

5. 14 jumper wires

6. 6 resistors

7. A box that is 35*23.5*25 (cm)

8. A board that is 34*11 (cm)

9. Two boards that are 21*11 (cm)

Step 2: How to Build It?

First, connect the button to pin 7, and connect the LEDs from pin 2-6. Then connect the GND pin to the ground rail of the breadboard. Then, cut a line on the two smaller boards (21*11) and put them into the bigger board. (34*11) Put it into the box and let the box looks like separating into 6 parts. Next, put your Arduino into one of the parts and put the 5 LEDs into the other 5 boxes individually. After that, Make a hole on the side which is 35 *25 and put your button into it. Make sure that your button won't fall. Last, make a hole on the side that is 23.5*25 on the box to let your machine to be able to connect to battery. Now, you can but any thing you want that into the 5 parts that you didn't use, make sure that your object isn't to big or it will cover the LEDs.

Step 3: The Code

Step 4: All Done!!!!

This is the machine. Every time I press the button, the machine changes to the next light, and it changes the light in a pattern.