Arduino IR Robot

Introduction: Arduino IR Robot

About: name is firazahmed and i am from Karnataka India i completed Information Technology

Hello guys today i gone a show you how to built your ir controlled robot..

you can control the robot using any tv remote.....

just follow the simple steps .....

Step 1: Material Requirements ...


2.LM293 Motor Driver Ic

3.250Rpm dc gare motors

4.12volt battery...

5.IR reciver.

6.TV remote.


Step 2: Connections

connect all components correctly ...make sure everything connected properly .

Step 3: Softweres

Before you upload the program first u have to upload the arduino IR arduino ir library

visit this to download arduino ir library....

after installing library ..The IR sensor's pins are attached to Arduino as so: (from left to right with the sensor's head facing you)

(Vout) Pin 1 to pin 11(Arduino) (GND) Pin 2 to GND(Arduino) (Vcc) Pin 3 to 5v(Arduino)

Now open up granola cereal, wait no, I meant serial monitor. Aim your remote at the sensor and press the POWER button. You should see a list of numbers show. Now you can see we got the numbers:

16753245, 4294967295,

4294967295 ,4294967295

Notice you if hold down whatever button you were pressing that the second number just repeats itself.

16753245, 4294967295, 4294967295,

4294967295 ,4294967295, 4294967295,

4294967295, 4294967295

Note what happens if you press another button

16736925, 4294967295 ,4294967295 ,

4294967295, 4294967295

You get a different first number, and the same second number! Obviously, we just need to use the first number. Try hitting different buttons on the remote. You will notice that each different button has a different first number.

So what you need to do is to open up serial monitor press each button, carefully recording the first number. For example: I press the power button and the mode button, so in my text editor program, I'll type,

Power button = 16753245 ,

Mode button = 16736925

Step 4: Program..

Once you get your tv remote code then upload this program...

just you change the code as per your remote code...shown below

if (results.value == 1086314535) // this is where you put in your IR remote button #


change the numbers as per your remote....and program it...

once i upload the video i will add the link ...


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    5 years ago

    the code is not working...


    6 years ago

    Can it be operated with any tv remote


    Reply 5 years ago

    U need to decode your tv remote code..then place that codes in program simple


    7 years ago

    So smart! Thanks for shearing :)


    Reply 6 years ago

    Dude.....awesome sketch ,design, I jus got first trial motor running within fifteen minutes,,,,,, thanks a lot