Introduction: Arduino IR Remote Control Decryption

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Next on my list of projects is a TV-B-Gone  like gadget. Since many local IR remote-controlled appliances in Jordan have unknown origins, a simple IR remote control decryption gadget, like the one in Ladyada's fantastic tutorial, would do nicely to help map out the local IR spectrum. 

When I went shopping for an IR receiver diode, I found a few outrageously overpriced parts with no part numbers. So I decided to buy the cheapest MP3 car player for 3 Euros and extract the IR receiver. It worked like a charm. Not only that, I have a supply of additional parts for future projects such a SD readers, FM transmitter, a nice PC13003 switching transistor, and more. 

Once I capture a wide variety of IR remote control codes from the most popular local TV brands, I will build part 2 of this project which I code-named Remote Gangster (Baltaji Remote) to turn off annoying TVs in public places. 

For  this project, I used an Arduino Uno, IR receiver diode @ 38Khz., Arduino IDE 1.0, and a breadboard and wires. 

You can find the decryption program on Ladyada's IR tutorial page.