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Introduction: Arduino IR Remote Control Decryption

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Next on my list of projects is a TV-B-Gone  like gadget. Since many local IR remote-controlled appliances in Jordan have unknown origins, a simple IR remote control decryption gadget, like the one in Ladyada's fantastic tutorial, would do nicely to help map out the local IR spectrum. 

When I went shopping for an IR receiver diode, I found a few outrageously overpriced parts with no part numbers. So I decided to buy the cheapest MP3 car player for 3 Euros and extract the IR receiver. It worked like a charm. Not only that, I have a supply of additional parts for future projects such a SD readers, FM transmitter, a nice PC13003 switching transistor, and more. 

Once I capture a wide variety of IR remote control codes from the most popular local TV brands, I will build part 2 of this project which I code-named Remote Gangster (Baltaji Remote) to turn off annoying TVs in public places. 

For  this project, I used an Arduino Uno, IR receiver diode @ 38Khz., Arduino IDE 1.0, and a breadboard and wires. 

You can find the decryption program on Ladyada's IR tutorial page. 

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    have you had any trouble with that code? when you first began to use it?


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    FYI the tutorial has moved to Honestly would be nice if you had more to this instructable? Like maybe some example results you found or some more finished shots. The more info people include the more helpful these are to people trying to learn like me :)

    FYI, you can order IR receivers from the Sparkfun page, iirc it was ~$2.60 for a transmitter and receiver diode pair. Good find on pulling yours from an mp3 player though.