Arduino Playing Grendizer Theme Song on Tinkercad

Introduction: Arduino Playing Grendizer Theme Song on Tinkercad

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The best animation series of the 70’s and 80’s, Grendizer is played on Arduino using simple components and Tinkercad online Simulation environment. Who doesn’t love that?

If you’re new to Arduino or don’t yet know it, Arduino can play melodies using the tone() function with a simple Speaker.

Today, we’re going to learn how to assemble this simple circuit and play Grendizer Theme song on it and run it on Autodesk Tinkercad Simulation.

And even more, you can make your own Real circuit with REAL Arduino board and play the theme song Live.

You can even use the same setup to play any theme song or melody on Tinkercad or on Real Arduino board. Let’s get started.


As we are using Tinkercad Simulation, we don’t need to buy any components or even software. Tinkercad is a free online environment. It comes with many Arduino Boards, power supplies, sensors and actuators.

So, the only thing you need to use is to go and build our circuits.

You may also want to build your real circuit so here are the needed components:

Arduino UNO board

8-ohm Speaker


9-volt Battery

Those are the components you’ll need on Tinkercad and also in the real world if you intend to build the physical circuit.

Step 1: Circuit

Here, we are going to select the components in Tinkercad environment and connect them together.

Again, the same connection applies to the physical circuit.

First, we open

Create new account if you don’t have one and Log in.

Then we select Circuits from the tab on the upper left of the screen.

Then, we have a blank sheet that we can place our circuit components.

You can see the search bar on the upper right. Here where you can type in your desired components.

We start by typing Arduino. We note that Arduino boards start to below the search bar. We select Arduino UNO board. Then we place it on the blank sheet.

Then, we write Speaker. We find the Speaker appears and we select it and we place it.

You can connect the circuit using wires. Wires are connected on Tinkercad software using click on the desired pin and hold it to the other pin.

Now, we connect the Speaker to the Arduino UNO board. We connect one Speaker pin to Arduino PIN 12 and the other Speaker pin to Arduino GND pin.

Now we’ve completed the circuit connection on Tinkercad.

Step 2: Software Code

Here is the code that uses tone() function.

Now, we need to program Arduino UNO board inside Tinkercad environment with this code to start executing it.

On the upper right Code tab, click the dropdown menu and select the text only. When you’re prompted to the caution that you are going to deleted all the Blocks , you click Continue.

Then you paste the above code in the software sheet.

Now, you’re ready to start the circuit execution.

Step 3: Tinkercad Simulation

Now, click the Start Simulation button to start the simulation.

You see that Arduino is connected to the USB port on the screen and it indicates that it’s powered and started software execution.

If all the steps are correctly followed, the Speaker starts to play Grendizer Theme song.

Congratulations, you’ve just built Arduino circuit that plays tones of your favorite Animation on Tinkercad.

Now you can build the circuit using real components.

Here is the project on Tinkercad

You can watch the video and subscribe to my channel.

Read about this project on my website

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