Introduction: Arduino Pulse Sensor

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This is my first project published here, An arduino pro mini board with Pulse Sensor.

Here I will show you how I did my arduino wiring and coding, including the source code and schematics. Also I coded a windows tool to show the wave form from arduino and pulse sensor via UART.

Of cause It can run independently without connecting to PC. You can make it wearable, like a ring, or attach on head....etc. To show how fast your heart-beat is, how nervouse you are, with RGB Led indicating should be intestering.

Step 1: Step1 : Parts List

USB_To_TTL x1 Used to upload the code to Arduino ProMini / Receive pulse data from Arduino to PC

Arduino ProMini x1 Control Blink Blue Led and Heart Beat indication RGB LED with data from pulse sensor

Pulse Sensor x1 Attached to Arduino Pro mini to get the heart beat pulse data。

Common Cathod RGB LED x1 Indicating the speed of heart beat ratio. Red(Fast) -> Green -> Blue(Slow)

Blue LED x1 Blinking while heart-beating。

Step 2: Step 2 : Schematic

The upper image shows how to connect USB-TTL to Arduino Promini. the lower show how to connect pulse sensor, blue led, RGB led to Arduino Promini.

Step 3: Step 3 : Upload Code.

Open Arduino IDE, load arduino code and upload them to Arduino ProMini.

There is also a document here in Chinese.

All souce code, schematics, paper download here

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