Arduino R3 Bluetooth 4 Wheel Car

Introduction: Arduino R3 Bluetooth 4 Wheel Car




_1-battery(12v 2000mAh)

_1-arduino R3 & 1-arduino motor shield

_1-bluetooth chip (HC-005)

_1-roll of solder metal

_bolts & nuts & board separators

_acrylic car chassis.

  • TOOLS:


_battery charger for battery(12v 2000mAh )


_3 types of screwdriver kit (size from small to big)

_1 USB Cable for arduino R3

_1 Spanner

_Wire clippers

_1 pliers

_allen keys.

Step 1: Soldering the Wires to the Motors All Four of Them!

  • Solder the positive wire and the negative wires to the motors ,and then fix the motors to the chassis.Make sure the wires don't touch the wheels when you fit them, After that screw the motors to chassis.

Step 2: The Four Wheels Drive

  • We have to take the four wheels and put it in the motors and make sure that it secure tightly but not too tightly.

Step 3: Adding Another Layer Acrylic Car Chassis

  • We have another layer of the acrylic car chassis and then we put onto the motors part but before that we must use the six screw for specially to screw those layers together tightly so it will like a car as shown to the picture up there and the arduino will be the next step.

Step 4: Screw the Arduino to the Car!

  • We use the leftover yellow screw and screw to the tiny hold of the arduino R3 to the car of the top layer of the car
  • And then put the arduino shield onto arduino R3 .

*NOTE : Must put the pin of the arduino shield exactly to the arduino R3.

Step 5: The Wires to Arduino Motor Shield!

  • We put wires of the motors into the arduino shield and put the black wires and the red wires to the exact holes ioof arduino shield as shown as the pictures 2 at the front and 2 at the back , The first picture is the back and the second is the front then screw the wires together tightly.

Step 6: Bluetooth Module

  • Take out the bluetooth module and take out the small jumpers/cables and then insert the wires to bluetooth module as exact as shown at the pictures and then take those four cables of the bluetooth module to the arduino motor shield as shown the picture number 3.

Step 7: Battery

  • Take the battery and put between the car and stick it there so it won't move around then there the big hole so that we can take out those two wires of the battery then we can plug in the battery into the arduino as shown as the picture.

Step 8: Phone Use for Controlling

  • First thing download the application "Arduino bluetooth controller" then connect to the phone with bluetooth then setup it up with our controller, then change it to like the arduino sketch F=FORWARD , B=BACKWARD ,R=RIGHT ,L=LEFT.
  • Here our code:

Step 9: Thanks for Spending Your Time on Our Instructable

If you use our code and it worked, please leave a comment down below;)

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