Arduino Robot Tutorial

Introduction: Arduino Robot Tutorial

I was searching the Instructable database for a tutorial for the official Arduino Robot, but I could not find one! So I mad this tutorial to help others who needed a tad bit of help with their new Arduino Robot.

Step 1: Setting Up Your Robot

When you open the box for your Arduino Robot, you should find several things:

  1. The Robot
  2. The Charging Cable
  3. The USB Cable
  4. LCD
  5. SD Card

You should also find a little quick start guide which really helps. Just in case you don't have it, the setup is below.

  1. Plug the SD card into the LCD.
  2. Plug the LCD into the Robot interface.
  3. Plug the Robot into your computer and start programming.

The guide has troubleshooting ideas that are pretty helpful, so if you don't have one you should really get one. The Robot is now set-up.

Step 2: Programming

Open the Arduino IDE. Go to examples and find robot control board and go under learn and find the basic "Logo" program. Press upload, and wait until its done. When the upload is finished, the LCD interface should show a command like,"Press the buttons to command me" or something similar to that. When you are done giving command via button, press the middle button to make the Robot execute the program. Read the text on the side of the program(you know what I mean). I just got mine, and am still learning how to program it.

Step 3: Mods!!!

I decided to take my makeblock set of parts and try to modify the robot. There are several slots near the perfboard patches, which make great places to add hardware and build up your robot. The possibilities are endless! I hope that this tutorial helped!

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