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Introduction: Arduino Rover

In this instructable I will show you how to make a arduino rover using very few components that you probably already have.

PLEASE vote for this project in the gadget hacking contest and others I really want a 3d printer!!! I could make instructables with 3d printed things.

Note the code used for this May not work with newer versions of arduino and you MUST have newping and Adafruit motor shield libraries.

The code was written by: Eagle19939 I give him all credit for the code.

Step 1: Parts and Tools

These are the parts and tools needed to make this robotic rover :
•Micro servo
•Hc sr04 ultrasonic sensor
•Wheels 2 motorized ones and one that can move 360 degrees (like the ones used in office chairs)
•light sensor (CDS photocell) optional
• led optional
•Arduino UNO or similar
•9 volt battery to dc barrel adapter
• Adafruit motor shield
•base for robot ( I used a laser cut acrylic piece)
•9 volt battery
•3d printed servo mount ( I made mine at my local Makerspace)

Step 2: Wire Ultrasonic Sensor to Arduino

Push the Adafruit shield onto the arduino then solder wires to each pin on the Ping sensor you can use female headers to do this but I found it easier to just solder it directly. Wire VCC to five volts ground to ground trigger to A4 and a echo to A5 wire micro servo to servo 2 pin on the shield

Step 3: Wire Each Motor

Wire one of the motors to motor 4 and the other one to motor 1. Then glue motorized wheels to base using hot glue then glue in non motorized wheel to front of base

Step 4: Glue Servo to Base

Glue micro servo to base of the rover then use a servo horn that is included with the servo, place it in the top of the servo (make sure that the servo is in centre position) glue the servo mount on the servo horn then screw it onto the servo

Step 5: Push Ultrasonic Sensor on Mount

Push the ultrasonic sensor on to the mount it should fit nicely.

Step 6: Program Arduino

Use this code:

Step 7: Files


this is NOT my file I give all credit to wsolstice69, the creator of this file

Step 8: Extras:

Here is another feature that I have included in the code: a light sensor feature that lets you connect a light sensor to this rover and it will turn on an led when it becomes to dark feel free to change the thresholds on the code for the light sensitivity.

Plug in the LED to A1 and ground and the light sensor to 5 volts and the other side goes to a 10 kohm resistor that goes to ground and to A0

Step 9: Plug in Battery and Test

Plug in the 9 volt battery into the 9 volt to dc Barrel plug adapter. Turn it on and it should work mine does hit walls sometimes but is pretty good otherwise. Thanks for viewing this instructable and I hope it works for you if you have any questions just comment below and I will try to help.

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    Question 2 years ago on Step 1

    Where I will get all these materials ?


    2 years ago

    what is this - #include <NewPing.h>. Where NewPing.h?


    6 years ago

    I have a question, I am new to this and Have a problem in the post not look good where i connect the ultrasonic sensor and the light sensor and also not to do With the file (rover.svg) Please Tell Me Where it is connected thanks each thing.

    Zach Sousa
    Zach Sousa

    7 years ago

    It actually works pretty well but because the base is so wide the wheels can get caught on chair legs and other things like that. My next goal is to make it much smaller to prevent that from happening.