Arduino Text to Speech Converter Using LM386 | Talking Arduino Project | Talkie Arduino Library

Introduction: Arduino Text to Speech Converter Using LM386 | Talking Arduino Project | Talkie Arduino Library

Hi guys, in many of project we require arduino to speak something like talking clock or telling some data so
in this instructables we will convert text into speech using Arduino.

Step 1: Things You Need

For this instructables you will need following things :

Arduino board

A speaker


2x 10k resistor

1x 0.1uF capacitor

2x 10uF capacitor

1x 0.05uF capacitor

1x 220uF capacitor

1x 100k Potentiometer

Power Supply

Step 2: Installing Talkie Library in Your Arduino IDE

Now the Library Manager will be on your screen. In the search bar type Talkie and click on the install button. The library will get installed.

Step 3: Connections

The first image is how make a amplifier using LM386.
So the basic idea is audio will come out of Arduino and we need to amplify it so to do that we need a amplifier circuit thats why we are using LM386 and its amplifier circuit as you can see in the image.
Then after that instead of mic in LM386 amplifier circuit we will connect it to Arduino as shown in other circuit

Step 4: Code

This Talkie library is very handy and it has over 1000 words and commands. It has several examples, you can try them all but here we are using a simple code to explain the working.

Copy the following code :

#include "Talkie.h" //Talkie.h is used to initialize this library and set the Digital pin 3 of Arduino as output pin

#include "Vocab_US_Large.h" //Vocab_US_Large.h is used to use the alerts

#include "Vocab_Special.h" //Vocab_Special.h is used to use the pause

Talkie voice; //define an object ‘value’ to use the commands

void setup() {
void loop() {
/*The first command voice.say(spPAUSE2) is to take a short pause while repeating the alert message. And the next commands are just simple words that imply: DANGER DANGER STORM IN THE NORTH.*/

After all this Upload the code to arduino

Step 5: Audio Output

Finally upload the code in the Arduino and connect the power supply to it. As soon as you power up the circuit you will start hearing the alerts! If you don’t get a clear sound then try adjusting the knob of pot or check if the Arduino is getting proper power supply and make sure that the GND of Arduino is connected to ground of the circuit.

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    Question 1 year ago

    Is there any way one can change the words without encountering any problem? I have changed the words and I am getting errors in my code and there's literally nothing that I can do about that at this moment. Anybody with a solution to this problem?


    Question 2 years ago

    How can I change the speaker pin from D3 to something else?