Introduction: Arduino Thermometer With Nokia 5110 LCD

Yet another thermometer.

Just made a portable DIY gadget for myself.

I always take a few of my little gadgets with myself if i go to work or anywhere. There were situations on the weekdays when it was wery useful and lifesaving, atleast for me.

Step 1: Materials

Parts you need:

- An Arduino board. I used Atmega328 3.3V.

- Ds18b20 temperature sensor.

- Nokia5110 LCD

- Some solder and wires. /And AMS1117 voltage regulator./

Step 2: Software

Place it in Arduino folder.

Download the correct libraries.

Compile and upload it to Arduino.

Step 3: Done!

To be honest this thermometer is really a DIY piece xD

Not beautiful at all, but what matters to me is to work properly.

Thanks for reading this instructable.