Introduction: Arduino Yún Morse Generator

Ever been in a bar where you couldn't talk to your friend because the music was too loud? well now you can ask him for a beer in Morse Code! Lets get started!

Step 1: What You Need:

-A computer or laptop of some sort.

-An Arduino

-Wires(male to male)


-Breadboard or solder board


-LED light

-Arduino programming software

-Arduino to computer cable. mini jack to usb, usually your phone charger will do.


Step 2: The Code

This project is more code heavy than physical work heavy. You could ofcourse deviate from this code and write your own one, but this one will be carbon cut and ready to use. It is written for the standard arduino programming environment. Once you have written your code, compile it and upload it to your arduino board.

Parts of code from someone else are used in writing this code, credits are at the top.

The comments in the code should make everything clear if you have any background of programming.

Step 3: Connecting Everything on a Breadboard

Connecting everything that is needed is not very intricate. I have included an example of how you should connect everything. Be aware that if you use my exact code, you cannot change the in and output pins for the potmeter and led as they are already defined in the code. Changing the pins without changing the code will result in the arduino not working for this project. Also do not connect the potmeter on the same downward row as the LED.

After you are done connecting it all, you can upload your code to the arduino. make sure the correct port and boards are selected!

Step 4: How to Play

When you are ready, get your friend to sit on the opposite of the table and make sure he knows Morse or has a piece of paper with the rules of Morse. Open the serial monitor by clicking the tools bar in the top of the programming emvironment. In the top box you can type whatever you want. When you press enter, the arduino will translate it to Morse Code and flash the LED to form words. Your friend can use the potmeter to change the speed of the flashes as he sees fit.

Congrats! You can now secretly tell your friend you would like a beer or gossip about your neighboars without anyone ever knowing!