Introduction: Arduino Thermistor

About: Transistors may sometimes work nice as firecrackers.

Figured i would share my program with others who might find it useful.

and if some of you find faults, please give me feedback ! =)

what you need for this project:

1 x 10kOhm resistor.

1x 50kOhm thermistor.

1x Arduino.

Step 1: Scematic and Source - Code.

Download this Source code for arduino from dropbox when you are done wiring up.

Source code: Source code

Also if you want to save the measurements to a file, i've written a little command line program for it using python.

The program: Arduino Serial Python

If you dont have python installed, download and install version 3.5.0 or newer.

Python download: Python

Be sure to register python PATH when installing.

Now if you got it all installed downloaded and ready to go, just click the serial.BAT file and follow the instructions.

Feel Free to give me feedback if you find out something is wrong or if you got some extra ideas! it is appreciated :)