Arduino-tomation Part 4: TRI DE BRIQUE

Introduction: Arduino-tomation Part 4: TRI DE BRIQUE


In this Instructables I will talk you about another machine retrofited and controlled by an Arduino clone board made of an Atmega1284p. This board can support an ethernet shield and can be supervised by a SCADA (AdvancedHMI, Unigo) or an industrial HMI (COOLMAY, KINGCO, MAGELIS, KTP700) but it will be developped in a further article.

This machine was created to learn automation basics to my student.

The operating part stores bricks of wood in a store. These bricks are put on a conveyor belt and then 3 pneumatic cylinders punch and eject them.

Step 1: The Operating Part

It's composed of:

- 4 pneumatic cylinders

- reed sensors, photo electric sensors,

-a conveyor belt moved by a three phase induction motor

-a U/f speed controller for the motor

-valve to control the cylinders

-security system for pneumatic and electrical devices and human bodies.

Step 2: Schematics...

Here are the schematics of:

-the clone board

-the electric and pneumatic power supply and control.

Step 3: Needed Softwares and Some Sketches

I give you too:

-needed sofwares like kaazama and arduino 1.8.2 with its usefull libraries: SMlib (statemachine) and the Mightycore (Atmega clone)

-some examples of programs realized on LDmicro and Arduino

You must use an USBasp to download the sketches to the Arduino Clone board with Khazama. If you have got some communication problems, update the drivers with Zadig.

Step 4: An Example of Experimentation Given to My Students.

The students have to learn about different programming languages in automation:

- the ladder programming

-the SFC programming converted in LADDER programming with 2 famous methods

-the state machine programming in C (not yet an IEC 61-131 normalized language for automation but famous)

Step 5: Conclusion

This machine will fitted in the future with an industrial HMI. It will be a further article.

Thanx for all interesting others articles and instructables found on the net. I can't write them all down.

Happy instructable!!!!

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