Introduction: Arizona Tea Can Lanterns

This project is great for anyone who wants a cheap and efficient hanging decoration.

Step 1: Materials

•Arizona cans (I got a case of 12 from Walmart for $8.00)

•Spray paint

•Box cutter

•Tea light candles (I got 50 for $3.45 from Walmart)


(I wasn't able to get the tea light candles in the picture.)

Step 2: Paint

Take your cans to a safe place that you wouldn’t mind maybe getting paint on it, or try using a tarp. Now, once all your cans are all set up spray paint them any color you would like (I found that spraying lighter make the paint look better after drying.) Next, wait for them to dry, It’ll take around 15-20 minutes.

Step 3: Cut

Once all of your cans are dry, take the box cutter and try to cut as straight and even lines as possible. Cutting down with the box cutter allows for the blade to slide down much easier. A good idea is using a straightedge to make the lines straighter.

Step 4: Press Down

Once you are all finished up cutting, stand your can upright and press down. The strips of the can should go outward, if they do go inward take your finger and push them out.

Step 5:

Take the tab from the can and lift it up, you can run a string through it and hang it up. Or, even placing the can down would be good the choice is yours. I chose to set them down. Also, I have chosen to sell these as a product.