Introduction: Aromatized Chili Oil

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No matter if you need something to pour over your freshly baked pizza, or something to drip over a homemade hummus or even something to dip your soft flour tortillas in, the hot chili oil is a way to go.


  • Fresh hot peppers
  • Cold pressed olive oil

Step 1: Pick Your Peppers

I've picked black chili, but any other type would work.

Step 2: Slice/cut the Peppers

You can slice the peppers or cut them. Last year I've cut them in half, this year I have sliced them. It's important to either slice them or cut them in half so they can dry, otherwise they might spoil.

Spread them evenly on the cutting board so they could dry more evenly.

Step 3: Dry the Peppers

Dry them for approximately one week or until they visibly shrink.

Step 4: [optional] Cut the Peppers to Smaller Pieces, [optional] Remove the Seeds

When they are dry, you can cut them to smaller pieces.

If you think the oil will be too hot, this is the stage where you can easily get rid of the seeds.

Step 5: Prepare Your Glass Bottle and Olive Oil

Step 6: Transfer the Peppers Into the Bottle

Step 7: Pour the Olive Oil Over the Peppers

Step 8: Wait for Few Weeks to Allow the Oil to Aromatize

Step 9: Enjoy Your Spicy Oil

I enjoy using the spicy oil as a dip for homemade soft tortillas. This is the photo of last year's tabasco pepper oil where I have removed the seeds. It wasn't hot enough, so this year I left them on :)

Link to the fast and soft tortillas: Speedy Flour Tortillas

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