Introduction: Arrabiatta Fusilli Pasta

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Pasta is a all time favourite and easy dish. A meal by itself that can indeed be healthy and tasty! Arrabbiata sauce is a spicy sauce where the main ingredients are tomatoes, red chili, garlic and olive oil. So let's started with Arrabiatta pasta!


Durum Wheat Pasta (200gms)
5-6 tomatoes
Handful of chopped garlic
Few chilies
2 Bell pepper (optional)
3tsp tomato ketchup
1tsp red chili powder
Olives (optional)
Olive oil

Step 1: Boil Pasta

Take a big utensil, boil water. Add some oil and salt, then add raw pasta and cook it for 10-12 minutes until it become soft. Keep a cup of starch water, drain the rest of the water and rinse the pasta with normal water and keep it aside.

Step 2: Tomatoes

Take 5-6 tomatoes, wash them properly. Make a slit on both sides and remove the upper portion. Take a bowl and boil some water. Submerge the tomatoes in water and boil for 10-15 minutes. Drain and rinse with water. Now because of the already made slit it's easier to peel. Peel them and cut in half, remove the inner unwanted hard part. Make medium pieces and place in mixer, add the juice as well that might have poured out while cutting. Add some salt and grind it in mixer for 5 mins till a watery paste is formed aka tomato puree.

Step 3: Chop Veggies

Chop garlic and chilies. Bell peppers are optional. Gather rest of the ingredients as well.

Step 4: Pan

Take a pan and heat it. Add some olive oil and let it heat. Then add the chopped garlic and chilies. Saute them well till turned brownish. Now add the optional bell peppers. Then add the already made tomato puree, mix well. Add ketchup, red chili powder and salt. You'll see the change in colour, mix well.

Step 5: Add Pasta

Add the pasta in the arrabiatta sauce. Stir and mix well. Add salt as per taste. Also add the starch water to make the sauce thinner as per requirement. Garnish with herbs, olives and cheese!

Step 6: Ready!

Voila! Arrabiatta Fusilli Pasta is ready! Healthy and tasty bowl of pasta to be served hot! Happy Cooking!