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Introduction: Art Box - Girl in a Box

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This is a tutorial for an Art Box.  I started making these on a whim based on the fairy tale Hansel and Gretel.  I created this box based upon a picture that I had of a little girl.  

Step 1: Materials

Things your going to need:
Cigar Box
Miniature Light bulbs (or other decorative item)
Stickers (optional)
Old Picture
21 gauge wire
Metal Circle (or shaped wire)
Metal fasteners
Metal rivet
Decorate wire mesh
Black paint
Burnt Sienna Paint
(I love the Tim Holtz Idea-ology line.  I purchase a lot of my materials from this line.)

Step 2: Paint the Box

Find a stamp in the pattern that you like and coat it in thinned paint.  For this project I used burnt sienna.  Stamp the outside of the box and don't forget the lid!  Paint the inside of the box black or a dark color so your pictures and items will be more dramatic.

Step 3: Prep the Box

If you have a rivet punch..use it here!  Punch a rivet into the top of the picture.  You will then be able to thread the wire through the picture and hang from the top of the box.  I forgot to tell you to drill multiple holes at the top of your box so you can thread your wire through it and into the box.  String up the picture and feed it through the top of the box and twist the wire to secure it.  Make three additional holes for this project.

Step 4: Additions

I chose to use miniature light bulbs (I will probably wire these later or replace them with LED lights.)  I secured the light bulb to a small circular metal piece and attached the assembly to a piece of wire.  I then threaded the wire through the top of the box and secured it by twisting it into a knot.

Step 5: Additional Additions

I decided to break up the pattern and add a strip of wire mesh that had been leftover from a steampunk project.  I just threaded my wire through the top of the box and threaded the wire through the mesh to hold it in place.  Don't forget to secure the wire by knotting it on the top of the box.  (I flipped the box upside down so that it would be easier to handle.)  I also made a flower and added it to the wire.  The instructable for the flower can be found here....

Step 6: Sprint to the Finish Line

Your almost done!  You may not have the same type of cigar box for this project but it would still be nice to add a finishing touch, right? I used an adorable decorative key (Thanks again Tim Holtz!) that will help to open the box.    You don't have to use a key of course!  Use twisted wire, a cabinet door handle or a spool.  Use whatever you like or whatever you can find for free.  I'm all about cheap!!!

Step 7: Done! Smiley Face!!!!!!

And voila!  You have an Art box!  I hope you were able to get some ideas for your own individual box!  FYI- Mom's love these as gifts!  Heck my Dad did too!

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