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Introduction: Art Crate

Hii friends,
Art crate is a small cardboard made Drawer and Pen Holder along with a Tape Dispenser is its special feature. Pens can be arranged neatly in a sequence. It also consists of small rotatable poster colors Scroller. This box is very easy to made. I made some drawings along with measurements to understand easily.
The main problem is my files and images are missing in my device and im stuck in my home due to lockdown. So im not having enough pictures to show you but, i will try to make you understand easily.

Actually Art Crate is divided into four parts such as part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4 and two Sub parts such as Sub part 1, Sub part 2.


Materials and tools:
1. Cardboard
2. Glue gun and sticks
3. Paper glue
4. Coloured papers
5. Popsicle sticks
6.Small metal sheet
7.Knife and Scissor
8.scale and Pencil
9.Waste pens
11.Cycle Spoke

Step 1: Part1: Main Body Assembly

* Read the dimensions and rules carefully in the picture otherwise it confuses you.
* Cut the cardboard pieces according to the given dimensions.
* Stripes indicates that you should cut on it.
* Assemble the pieces of sides like bottom, front, right, left. Back, but not top board, just keep it aside.
* Stick it with a glue or hot glue, I prefer hot glue because due to more strong and removable.
* All the dimensions are in centimeters.

Step 2: Part2: Colour Bottle Scroller

* Scroller is which holds the poster color bottle with rotating nature.
* Draw three circles on the cardboard such as
Circle c1 = 4cm of diameter
Circle c2 = 7cm of diameter
Circle c3 = 8cm of diameter
* Cut the circles on cardboard according to the dimensions given in the picture.
* Take circle c1 and stick a paper strip with width 3cm around it.
* Attach circle c1 on the centre of circle c2.
* Again take 3cm width paper strip to be attached around circle c2.
* Cut the circle c3 of 5cm width of paper strip attach around it.
* Cut the cardboard pieces of 3cm length and 3cm width, may cut 8 pieces or your wish.
* Paste those pieces in between circles c1 and c2 with equal distance.
* Now take an old pen and remove the cap, take another older pen of different model.
* The cap of first pen, fix it to the second pen, the cap should be freely rotatable. It called pen formula in this instructable.
* Attach the cap to the circle c2 on centre, and attach the pen to the circle c3 by cutting into a small size 4cm.
* Then Insert the cap on the pen and make it to stand, and try to rotate it.
* Then pen and cap comes under a set and this set should be attached to the semicircles of top board of main body assembly shown in cover image.

Step 3: Part3: Tape Dispenser

* Cut the cardboard pieces according to the dimensions shown in picture.
*stick the cut pieces in an order.
Note: There is no right sided cardboard piece, means you should directly attach the dispenser to the main body at right side shown in image.
* Cut the 3 circles that diameter depends upon your type and size of tape used.
* After cutting attach those circles one to another.
* Take a cycle spoke of 10cm length, and make a whole.
* Take small metal sheet 2cm width and 6cm length.
* Mark 0.5 width and cut into small spikes as real dispenser blade looks like.
* Any tape can be fixed inside having equal diameter.

Step 4: Part 4: Drawer and Mobile Stand

*The dimensions of drawer shown in picture.
* Cut the cardboard pieces and attach in an order with hot glue.
* After you have to attach middle floor to the main body at a height 6cm from bottom.
* Stick the colour papers through paper glue.
* Make a small knob with a popsicle and attach to it.
* Phone is also a easy part, but it needs more sentence to write. So please visit this link for video:

Step 5: Subpart 1: Popsicle Stand

* Colour your popsicle with food colours.
* Stick the popsicles to a paper shown in picture.
* Cut a circle of diameter 10cm and attach those sticks to the circle to make like a pot.
* Make a small hole at center and attach pen cap to it, for rotation purpose using old pens.
* Make another small two circle as a foundation shown in last picture, and attach old pen to it at centre.
* Insert attached pen cap to the pen and rotate it.
* At last decorate your popsicle stand.
Note: I didn't used pen formula for rotation, I used some ball bearings inside it.

Step 6: Subpart 2: Pen Holder

* Cut the cardboard pieces shown in first picture.
* Main body means original body of holder.
* After cutting attach them together, and attach base and bottom.
* The difference between base and bottom is, base will be above the drawers and bottom will attached under drawers.
* Vertical and Centre walls are used to divide the space in holder.
* Drawers dimensions are not given, make your own drawers.
* After making drawers stick some tape under each shelf to reduce friction.

Step 7: Future Scopes

Note: Still some place remained inside the Art Crate, you can also develop it through some of my Ideas.
You can build some new features to it such as:
1.Mobile Power Bank
2.Secret Money Storage
3.Secret Drawer
4.More Drawers.

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    Tip 2 years ago on Step 4

    I made a small mistake that the word PHONE means mobile stand.
    Making of mobile stand is easy but explaining in sentence is difficult. So please visit this link for my video