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Introduction: Art Creator

This is a cute little machine that can create cool pieces of art. Making it is very simple, it's essentially just cardboard on a motor. There are a few key steps that will help make this better.

Step 1: The Battery Pack.

First, put two batteries into a battery pack. Make sure the switch is on, then glue it to a wood block. Next, hammer in two nails on the same wooden block. You can do that, or you can use hot glue to glue the nails on, but hammering it is much neater. Finally, take the two wires from the battery pack and wrap them around the nails, one wire per nail. There must be a part of the steel wire touching the nail, or the electricity won't flow properly. To get your wires to stick to the nails, you can hot glue them, but keep the steel touching. When you're done, it should look like the image above. (The googly eyes are just for decoration)

Step 2: The Switch

The switch is the one of the easiest steps. All you have to do is just glue the switch to a wooden block, and that's it for now. (Ignore the googly eyes)

Step 3: The Motor

The motor is a lot like the battery pack. You have to first glue the motor on a wooden block, like the battery pack. It might be a bit tricky, because the bottom of the motor has a small lump. Again, you have to glue or hammer the nails on, and wrap the wire around. Finally, hot glue the wires to the nails like before, and you're done with your main three components.

Step 4: Alligator Clips

Now, it's time to connect all the components together. Get three alligator clips. Take off the plastic coating on all of them so it's easier to clip the alligator clips on. Connect the motor to the switch, the switch to the battery pack, and the battery pack to the motor. The alligator clips should be connected to the nails on the motor and battery pack, and the metal part of the switch. Make sure, on the switch especially, that the alligator clips aren't touching each other, or else the motor won't turn off. It should resemble the image above. Now, you should be able to turn the switch on and off to make the motor spin.

Step 5: Cool Designs

Now that your motor can turn on and off, you can start doing things with it. Cut out a square piece of cardboard to start out with. Draw some kind of design on it, ideally using markers. Put it on the motor, making sure you have the center on the tip of the motor, then push until the motor is sticking through the cardboard. If that doesn't work, use something with a sharp tip to make a tiny hole. When you turn it on, it should spin the cardboard, and it probably looks really cool. If it doesn't work, try adjusting the cardboard a little bit. Try different designs. Use different colors. Cut out different shapes of cardboard. You can basically do anything.

Step 6: Other Ideas

Now that you've gotten used to using cardboard, try other things. I stuck a popsicle stick on it. I also tried a googly eye. (Warning! Do not touch the popsicle stick while in motion!) If it fits on the motor, then you should definitely try it. One interesting challenge is to, when there is cardboard spinning on the motor, put your marker down lightly and try to make designs while the motor is spinning. I like this machine because you can do many different things with it.

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    7 years ago

    Very cool!