Introduction: Art With Melted Crayons

Are you the kind of person that do not know how to draw or paint but would actually like to do some art craft, well then this art craft is perfect for you, because we will only need crayons and a printed picture. It is perfect for all ages and it is fun and easy to do. Also, it can be a perfect gift or just to decorate your room.

Here we will show how to make it and what materials to use.

Step 1: Grab Your Material

o Pack of crayon it can be a 12 pack or a 24 pack, it depends how big you want to do the drawing. In this drawing we are going to use a two 24 pack.

o White Cardboard (any size)

o Black Sharpie

o Recycle paper

o Drawing of choice

o Hot glue gun

o Hair dryer

o Tracing paper( optional)

Step 2: Glue the Drawing Into White Cardboard

For this first step glue the drawing into the white cardboard, glue it in any part of it, remember its your creation.

Step 3: Glue the Crayons Into White Cardboard

Now that you finish the drawing, plug in the hot glue gun and let it hit for a couple of minutes, one the hot glue gun is ready; glue the crayons in the top border of the cardboard, the order of the crayons doesn’t matter, it can be in any order, depends on what combination of colors are chosen.

Step 4: Tape the Drawing

Once the crayons are glued, covered your drawing with the recycling paper making sure that the corners of the recycling paper are with type so it does not moved and get painted at the moment of melting the crayons.

Tip: also can be use black type to cover the drawing.

Step 5: Put White Cardboard Against a Wall

Put the white cardboard against a wall so at the moment of melting the crayons the paint easily goes down and not to other sides.

Tip: make sure that at the moment of melting the crayons is not on the floor, other wise the paint will go up instead of going down

Step 6: Blow With the Hairdryer the Crayons

Connect the air dryer to a connector, turn on the hairdryer and wait till the air comes out hot.

Now that the air is hot you are going to start left to right to blow on the crayons, you need to blow from the middle down.

Tip: if you want a better result you can do three crayons at time.

Step 7: Take of the Cover of the Drawings

Once all the crayons are melted wait till they dry over the white cardboard. Once is dray you can tape of the drawing,

Step 8: Trace With Sharpie

For last and if its necessary trace again the drawing with the black sharpie so the drawing can stand out of the paint.

Step 9: Final Look

Now you have a perfect painted picture without being a professional painter. That you can give as a gift or you can use as a decorative paint