Introduction: Art of Making Sanitation Pretotype

Hello, we are a group of freshman engineering students exploring ways to promote regular sanitation in homes, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. This instructable shows three different low resolution pretotypes for different ways to make cleaning more effective, faster, and more convenient. Each pretotype uses a maximum of 2 items commonly found around the home, in addition to cooperation with the people living in and around your home. Please test all 3 methods and explore combining parts of each to find what creates the best experience for you and your family. Please let us know your thoughts in the comments, emailing, or any of the Art of Making collaboration platforms. Thank you!

Step 1: Automated Spray Cleaner


Spray Bottle (filled with water for the test)

Microfiber Cloth

2 or more people (including yourself)


  1. Stand outside and follow people as they enter the building
  2. clean the door before and after the person enters the home environment
  3. Sanitize everything up to the point where they clean


  1. The reaction of the person
  2. If they acknowledge being cleaned


  • When would you like to clean
    1. before vs after touched
    2. time based vs frequency vs user initiated

Step 2: Manual Cleaning


Clorox wipes or hand sanitizer or spray

Some way to mount or set the cleaning solution


  1. place the cleaning supplies near the entryway/ things that the person touch as they enter the home


  • Their reaction
  • If they notice it
  • if they use it
    1. how much did they clean
    2. did they clean more than just the handle
      • ex: phone, hands, etc...


  • What do they prefer?
    • A vs B
  • What can be done to make this more effective?
  • is it preferred to be inside or outside the home?
  • How can it be improved?

Step 3: General Questions

  • What do they prefer?
  • What can be done to improve?
  • Overall, do you trust the solutions?
  • Will this work with whole families?
  • Learning curve?

Step 4: Give Us Your Feedback!

We want to hear from you!
Please comment with any results of your tests and general feedback! We are constantly looking for ways to improve! These ideas are meant to be the beginning concept of what we will be creating in the next weeks, so any and all feedback makes sure we are solving the right problem in the right way! Thank you!