Art of Tangerine

Introduction: Art of Tangerine

There is a only one tangerine, but the animal pops out !!!

It is a book that tells a variety of ways of being an artist. This book, which was first published in Japan in 2010, is on top of the Japanese Amazon hobby field in winter. It is a tangerine peel with with a way to make 25 animals such as rabbits, horses, dogs, and dragons, as well as peeling tangerine peels.

We can pick any level of the animals. The easiest level one star to the most difficult level 5 star.

Today, We are going to make horse - 2 star.

It's quite difficult to explain with words only. You better look the photos very carefully. It helps you understand very well.

***For those young children, parental supervision necessary.

Step 1: Materials and Supplies

  1. A bunch of tangerine

(Actually we only need one tangerine but concern about failure part we should prepare a lot of tangerine)

2. A small cutter

3. Scissor

(You might need it if you are not good at peeling.)

4. Ballpoint pen

5. Eraser

Step 2: Division

Pick one tangerine and quarter the tangerine use a small cutter. Both side (upper side and lower side)

Just draw a thin line slightly with a small cutter.

Step 3: Mark Number on the Surface

1.Use ballpoint pen mark number on each side.

(It helps you find the exactly right spot to draw a line)

2. From center (Let's call green button) upper side (left) number 1, upper side (right) number 2, lower side (left)

number 3 and lower side (right) number 4.

3. Turn tangerine upside down.

4. The other side of the number 1 is number 5, the other side of the number 3 is number 6, the other side of the number 4 is number 7 and the other side of the number 2 is number 8.

Step 4: Start Drawing

Use ballpoint pen start draw a line from center of number 3 and keep drawing a line to the number 4 (1/3 surface)

Step 5: Horse's Head

1. Make a curve at 1/3 point where you ended at step 4 and keep drawing til the end of the number 4.

2. Make another curve again (move up) til approach to the beginning of number 2.

3. Draw a line to the left and make a little curve pass a little bit number 1.

Step 6: Horse's Hair

1. Move up, draw very slight curve and draw a long line with curve til bottom of number 6.

2. Draw a short line (between 15-20)

This is horse's hair

Step 7: Horse's Legs

1. Back to the horse's nose part and draw a line to the up half of number 2 section.

(Pass a little bit part of number 1)

2. Make a curve and draw back follow the slight line till pass a little bit number 7 section.

(The slight line is where we used a small cutter divided tangerine at the very beginning.)

3. Draw back again to the number 8 section and make a little bit curve. (shape of legs)

4. Keep drawing pass whole part of number 5 section and pass a little bit beginning of number 6 section.

5. Move up to part of number 6 and draw a line to the right side til touch the slight line between number 5 and

number 6.

6. Make a curve (center of number 5) to part of the number 8.

7. Back to the number 6 and draw a line to the number 5 and move up to the number 8 and draw a line to the left

til pass bottom of number 7.

Step 8: Horse

1. Use a small cutter follow the line and start cutting.

(Don't cut the short lines --Horse's hair and just peel whole of the part together.)

2. Finally!!! Peel a tangerine~~~

3. And use cutter cut those horse's hair and tail and you can use eraser remove all these lines.

4. This is a horse made by tangerine~

Step 9:

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