Articulated Snake

Introduction: Articulated Snake

About: highschool designer

Hello! This is my articulated snake, it is made entirely of jointed segments so it twists around when you hold it. I hope you like it! materials are tinkercad and a 3D printer, and paint or sharpie for finishing touches.

Step 1: Base Shape

first, create a shape like this. this is the basic part of the design, the whole snake it built of interlocking shapes like this one.

Step 2: Adding Articulation

Next, put a hole in the end piece and a pole through that. make sure the pole is not touching anything, this is what allows the articulation.

Step 3: Creating Body

after you have the shape, you can duplicate and interlock it into a movable body. the poles should only touch the edges at the back, so the one it is threaded through can move freely on the pole.

Step 4: Finishing Up

you can complete the design by adding a head and and piece for the tail. you can use a similar method to make articulated legs and tails for other animals.

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