Introduction: Articulating Hand...Inspired By:rgraylint

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Hello again, the Instructaeek here for the 2nd of my Instructables. I'll be showing how to make an articulating hand. 
{{This is the idea of rgraylint}}

Items Needed:
Hand Manikin
Dremel Drill Bit
Rubber Band
Eye Hook/Screws
Sticky Back Velcro Straps
Hemp Cords
5 Key Rings

Step 1: Unstiffen

The manikin hand all ready manually articulates but it is very stiff. You need to unscrew the finger segments and there will be a slit in the middle bottom part ,sand the inside down wit a dremel drill bit. Once sanded screw segments back in and test stiffness.

Step 2: Apply Eye Screws/hooks

{{{This part is for the back side of the hand.}}} On the top finger segments including thumb use dremel to drill holes on finger nail part. Screw in eye hooks, now on the lower segments drill the same type of holes. Now screw in the eye screws. {{{This part is for the front side of the hand.}}} On every finger segment even the top ones drill holes in the middle of segments. Also drill a hole on the palm right below the thumb. Screw in only the eye screws. {{{This part is for the bottom of the back side of the hand}}} Drill holes at most one centimeter away from each other. Also drill one hole right below the back side of the thumb, but not on the finger. Screw in the eye hooks.

Step 3: Tying the Strings and Rubber Bands

{{{The front of the hand.}}}Tie the hemp cord to the top eye screw on each finger. Run it through the corresponding finger eye screws, at the end tie on a key ring. {{{The back of the hand.}}} Tie cord on the top eye hook and run it through eye screws, now tie the cord to a rubber band and attach the other end of the rubber band to the bottom eye hooks. Check the tension of the rubber bands and the length of cord.

Step 4: Velcro Strapping

Find the best place to place straps on manikin hand, take off 2 inches of the rough Velcro and place on the back of manikin wrist. Take off one inch of wax paper on a 1.5 times longer than the circumference of your wrist strip of soft Velcro, place the sticky part next to the rough Velcro and make sure it fits around your wrist.

Step 5: Well Thats It, I Hope You Enjoyed!!! Here Are Two Videos!!!