Introduction: Artwork Frame

About: Amateur woodworker with a passion for all things creative.

I have had this on my list for a very long time, as I think its really important to encourage creativity in children and to acknowledge their creations and new found skills. This interchangeable artwork frame does this perfectly.

Step 1: Cut List.

I wanted to make it to hold an A3 sheet which is 297mm × 420mm. I also wanted it to be a snug fit as it will need to hold the artwork in place which is why the dimensions are exact.

1 sheet of Hardwood Plywood 1220mm x 607mm 9mm thick.

  1. X1 Front - 337mm x 460mm with a 50mm surround for the window.
  2. X1 Back - 337mm x 460mm.
  3. X6 Runners - 20mm x 150mm.

Step 2: Assemble.

Once all of the runners are cut they need to be glued along the bottom and the sides using two on each side. These will give strength to the frame and ensure the picture is held securely. More clamps are required in the shop.

Next cut out the viewing window in the front section. Take time to ensure you cut a straight edge.

And finally glue the front onto the runners, make sure to use plenty of clamps and take the time to line it all up as it will save you time when it comes to sanding.

Step 3: Hang and Create.

I applied two coats of clear matt varnish ensuring to sand in between using high grade sand paper.

I hung it by drilling and countersinking a hole directly in the middle of the frame and fixed it to the wall using a screw and rawlplug.

Overall I am really happy with how this turned out, my daughter is ecstatic with it and loves making new pictures to be displayed on the wall. Which is the best outcome possible as I am sure you would all agree.

Appreciate any feedback and comments.