Introduction: Assembling a Mother Board (minus Processor)

With this instructible, you will learn to assemble the various, detachable, components. due to lack of availability of thermal paste, there will be no assembly of the processor

Step 1: Gather Parts

Gather parts and verify that they are undamaged.

Step 2: RAM

First, take a look at the large rectangular object with lots of pins and things, other wise known as the Mother Board. You should see 4 slots with moving clips on the end. This is where you will put the RAM.

Step 3: Inserting RAM

Place Ram over slots, RipJaw V facing you, then press firmly on both sides until it presses in and you can hear a click.

Step 4: Finishing RAM

Repeat step 3 for all 4 components of RAM until finished. Then, take a look to be sure they are all properly seated and level, as well as being sure the clips are seated correctly.

Step 5: Inserting GPU

Near, but perpendicular, to the RAM slots, is a PCI Express slot. In the picture shown, it's the red slot. Then place GPU over slot, being sure the fans and colored surface face away from the RAM, with the metal bracket hanging off the board.

Step 6: Attaching Wifi Antennas (for Those That Have Them)

Verify that the various ports and slots are undamaged, then locate the two cylindrical, threaded protrusions. This is where you will attach the antennas.

Step 7: Screwing in Antenna

Line up threaded slot with the open end of the antenna, being careful not to damage the inner parts of either component. Then screw on Antenna

Step 8: Second Antenna (for Those With Them)

Repeat the previous step for the second antenna, being sure not to jostle the first antenna too much.

Step 9: Verification

Take a close look at all the components attached to the board. Make sure nothing is damaged, and there are no foreign particles lodged in any connections.

Step 10: Gloat

Admire your finished Mother board, and make everyone else jealous by repeating the harrowing tale at every opportunity.