Assembly Tool: Laser Cut Wood Countersink Ring Removal Aid Tool. I Made It at TechShop.

Introduction: Assembly Tool: Laser Cut Wood Countersink Ring Removal Aid Tool. I Made It at TechShop.

    Pre-assembled laser cut parts are more and more popular in both hobby, prototyping and commercial DIY kits.  I love the T-slot a lot.  It is used in connecting flat parts into box form (see picture).   Another common design is using wood countersink ring.   It allows screws to get under the flat surface.   It also allows rubber boot to be installed more firmly in place.  However, removal of the wooden ring could be a challenge to some.  It could be difficult for some to have consistently clean countersink hole.

   To make a hand stripping tool that could be used to create clean laser cut countersink ring.  To illustrate how to create the tool using Autodesk Inventor.

   Hex Head:  Create a 6 side polygon on the 2D surface using a polygon create with 6 sides.  Extrude this hex to make the hex head.  Extrude downward 0.5 inch.
   Body Stem: Create a circle on the 2D surface.  Extrude upward by 0.25 inch. 
   Claws: Create another 2D Hex.  The diagonal dimension of this match the ring diameter. Extrude the hex about 0.25 inch.
Create a 2D claw shape profile.  Copy this profile to other 2 alternating hex surfaces.  Extrude each of the claw inward.
   Guide Pin: Create 2D surface on tip of the Hex extrusion.  Create a small create with diameter match the hole size diameter.
   Save file.  Export CAD. Select stl format. In Option, select Unit is inches.  Print file.

    After few iterations, I optimized the tools and came up with the 2 triangles (hole saw tooth-like).  The claw did not print too well.
I revised the design one more time so the depth of the scraper is control to avoid over digging.  Also, I made the part 100%.  And yes, it took much longer to print with 100% fill though the part is so tiny.

Additional Note:
    Always use 100% fill for final parts whenever material strength is required.

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