Asymmetric Cherry Earrings

Introduction: Asymmetric Cherry Earrings

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Hi...(◕ ワ ◕✿)
If you're looking for an easy fashion instructables project then you're in the right place!
I thought of making this project because I just love dangling earrings, especially asymetric ones. Most of the times, I just wear one piece and let my hair loose in the other side😅... You can wear this project in that way as well.


Pom pom balls
Earring hooks

Step 1: Preparation of Materials

Specific Materials
1. Red pom pom balls (4 pcs)
2. Paperclips (2 pcs)
3. Earring Hooks (a pair)
4. Yarn (light green and dark green)
5. Shoe glue (or any super glue) *which I forgot to take a picture of

Step 2: Two Cherries With Stalk

1. Bend the paperclip into the shape of the stalk in stereotypical cherries. Refer to the first four pictures shown above. (It's fine if it's not bent smoothly, it will be covered with yarn later on..)
2. Attach the "cherries" at both ends of the paperclip by pushing the ends inside the balls. Secure the pom pom balls in place by applying shoe glue at the surface where the paperclip ends were pierced. (Fig 5)
3. Cover the stalk with dark green yarn. Add a small amount of glue at the cherry top and then cover the whole paperclip. (Fig 6 and 7)

Step 3: Cherry Leaves+Earring Hooks

1. Braid the light green yarn (standard way). The length depends on how big you want your leaves to be. Make sure to trim the ends cleanly.
2. Roll the braided yarn into an oval shape or simply a leaf shape. Remember to add miniscule amount of glue every layer you roll. (I actually didn't made the two leaves individually, you can see that they are connected above.)
3. Add the Earring hooks. *when I covered the paper clip, I made a small loop where I intend to attach the hooks

Step 4: Finish Product

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